Sunday, January 29, 2017

wedding inspiration mood boards ... BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL ... sunshine coast wedding photographer

perfumed blooms in tropical gardens
 sparkling fireworks lighting up the night sky
a multi-coloured riot of flowers in bouquets and on tables 
ultra pink peonies, magenta bougainvilleas, bright orange roses
cornflower and fuchsia, lime and cerise, indigo and ruby

Friday, January 27, 2017

wedding inspiration mood boards ... GREEN & MINT ... sunshine coast wedding photographer

fresh cool breezes on warm summer days
rolling green valleys and newly mowed grass
white clouds of blossom in Jamaican lime groves
girls in white dresses with mint satin sashes
big loose bunches of green foliage and ferns, white roses and freesias
emerald and sage, shamrock and juniper, pear and pine
 pistachio green tea cake, key lime pie and mint juleps

green and white


Thursday, January 26, 2017

wedding inspiration mood board ... LILAC & PURPLE .... sunshine coast wedding photographer

dusk in the vineyards and dark purple grapes
the heady scent of lavender fields in the Tuscan sunshine
violet and amethyst, mulberry and plum
orchids and lilacs, hyacinths and cornflowers
summer fruit platters, lavender lemon cake and blackberry sorbet

colour chart by Ingrid Sundberg

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

wedding inspiration mood boards ... SPRING PASTELS ... sunshine coast wedding photographer

meadows of wildflowers and soft spring evenings
dreamy wedding days and carpets of jacaranda flowers
blush pink, sky blue, lavender and lilac, peaches and cream
bouquets of pink peonies, garden roses, sweet peas and trailing jasmine
vintage china, crystal vases, cotton candy, rose cupcakes and pistachio macrons 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

wedding inspiration mood boards ... WHITE & CREAM ... sunshine coast wedding photographer

snowflakes and snowdrifts and floaty white chiffon dresses
dancing and sparklers on clear winter nights
cake with white frosting and cloudberries

baby's breath and iceberg roses in delicate floral wreaths
apple blossom, ivory peonies, gardenias and lily of the valley

pearls and parchment and intricate old lace
ivory silk gowns and long sandy beaches 
porcelain tea cups and scones with cream



colour chart by Ingrid Sundberg

Monday, January 23, 2017

wedding inspiration mood board ... RUBY RED ... sunshine coast wedding photographer

cherry red lips and ruby shoes
passionate kisses and fiery red sunsets
romantic red roses and fields of scarlet poppies
jugs of sangria and rich red wine for the toasts
raspberry kisses, red velvet cake and pomegranate pavlovas
crimson and scarlet, ruby and rose, cranberry and cherry red

colour chart by Ingrid Sundberg

Sunday, January 22, 2017

wedding inspiration mood boards ... WOODLAND ... sunshine coast wedding photographer

secret ceremonies in romantic misty woods
mossy banks and cool pine-scented breezes
woven willow arbors entwined with flowers and ferns
 sweet-smelling bouquets of freshly picked wildflowers
rich chocolate black forest gateau with cherries and figs

colour charts by Ingrid Sundberg

Saturday, January 21, 2017

wedding inspiration mood board ... SUNSHINE YELLOW ... sunshine coast wedding photographer

sunshine and lemon groves
warm and golden tuscan summer evenings
sunflowers and cornfields under a hot summer sun
honey from the hive, limoncello and pineapple pies
big bunches of daffodils and daisies, dahlias and champagne yellow roses

colour chart by Ingrid Sundberg

Friday, January 20, 2017

wedding inspiration mood boards ... GREY & OLIVE ... Sunshine Coast wedding photographer

picnics in the olive grove 
the silvery bark of eucalyptus trees
lacy waves and driftwood on wintery beaches
gum nuts and fairytales and stormy grey skies
simple olive wreaths and tarnished silver vases
 dusty miller, silver sage, silver brunia, eucalyptus 

colour chart by Ingrid Sundberg

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