Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekend of Wet Weddings - 2 - Sunshine Coast wedding photographer

Well, if we thought Saturday's wedding was wet you should have seen Sunday!  Not only was it pouring with rain but the wind was really howling and the seas were huge.  So J & D had to abandon their plans for an outdoor wedding by the lighthouse at Point Cartwright, and instead the small ceremony was held at  EV Bistro Wine Bar in Mooloolaba where the wedding lunch was to be held.  But despite the weather and the change of plans it was a beautiful simple ceremony with J & D surrounded by their children and family - just as it should be ....

After the ceremony, we thought we might be able to go down to the beach (which is just across the road) for some photos but the rain was unrelenting so we took over the rather retro water feature at the small shopping mall under the restaurant - and had some fun!

have you ever seen a better looking lots of kids?

There is always one, isn't there?

not everyone gets the idea the first time ....

the 'Toyota' jump - my favourite!

Croque en bouche ... YUM!

A weekend of wet weddings - 1 - Sunshine Coast wedding photographer

Wow - what a wet weekend is was!  I think we had about 250 mm (10") of rain between Friday and Monday along with huge seas, whipping winds and grey skies constantly threatening a downpour.  But fortunately the two couples whose weddings I shot were lovely, calm happy people desipte the fact that both weddings were planned to be outdoor/beach ceremonies.

A & K were such a pleasure to be with despite the venue for the ceremony only being decided half an hour beforehand.  Fortunately the rain stopped for a brief period in the afternoon; just long enough for the ceremony (at a park in Warana) and the photoshoot at Moffat Beach to take place.

 The lovely bride getting ready at Beachside Resort in Buddina.  The penthouse has amazing views but unfortunately there was such a howling wind outside we would have been blown off our feet out on the balconies!

This has to be one of my favourite wedding dresses ever - just beautiful.

The colour scheme was amazing - just made to bring that spark of colour to a grey day!

The little flowergirl was a total star.  This was her fourth wedding as a flowergirl and she was sooo sweet and professional.  Her little brother, however, had a very different attitude to weddings!

Always need a shot of the papparazzi!

Moffat Headland is a beautiful spot, and thankfully the rain held off while we took the photos.  Look at those gorgeous flowers!

We found these beautiful old doors at the headland - I love them!

then we moved down to Moffat Beach itself ...

This is definitely one of my favourites of the day - taken by my lovely assistant Sarah!

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