Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cooroy French country wedding - Noosa wedding photographer

A beautiful French country themed wedding at a stunning location on Cooroy Mountain.  Loads of lavender and rosemary and the most delicious French inspired food courtesy of the wonderful Penny and her team at  while the awesome Croquembouche wedding cake and the selection of French patisserie were courtesy of Maison de Provence in Cooroy. 

Les fleurs ....

Tiger prawns with mayonnaise dipping sauce

Goats cheese, rocket and caramelised onion tarts


Salt and pepper squid with lemon curd and lime dipping sauce

Smoked chicken and asparagus quiches

Champagne - fĂŠlicitations!

The table ....

salade paysanne

The main course - roast chickens with quince paste and brie, beef fillets in a cracked peppercorn crust, crispy fried duck potatoes, provence style roasted vegetable medley

lavender and rosemary ....

a selection of French patisserie

the cake - le macaron cromquembouche

the evening .....

the venue

the chef and her staff at work!

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  1. Fantastic food photos - still reminds me of the day.


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