Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Love cows!

I love cows.  They are one of my favourite animals.  When I was young my grandmother kept some jersey cows on her farm and as a child I remember their milk and cream as being positively ambrosic!  My grandmother often used to recite the Robert Louis Stevenson poem "The Cow" to me as I helped her churn the milk:

The Cow

The friendly cow all red and white, 
I love with all my heart: 
She gives me cream with all her might, 
To eat with apple-tart. 

She wanders lowing here and there, 
And yet she cannot stray, 
All in the pleasant open air, 
The pleasant light of day; 

And blown by all the winds that pass 
And wet with all the showers, 
She walks among the meadow grass 
And eats the meadow flowers.

And my very favourite children's book ever is the classic "The Story of Ferdinand" by Munro Leaf, which is the story of a little bull from Andalucia who much prefers sitting quietly under a cork tree - just smelling the flowers - to jumping around, snorting, and butting heads with other bulls.  It was banned by Hitler in Nazi Germany for having pacifist leanings; Ghandi called it his favourite book. 

Here are some of my friendly cows:

Cows in a paddock near Woodford.  There was a bushfire and a sunset in the background - but they were much more interested in my camera ...

The Sunshine Coast show.  I love the busy expression on this beautiful jersey cow - even if she is a bit skinny ...

After Jerseys, I think Brahmans are my favourites.  I love their gentle expressions and floppy bunny ears!  Even the bulls look cuddly ...

These are the residents of a very famous paddock overlooking the Glasshouse Mountains.  Nearly every bridal couple in Maleny are photographed here, and the inquisitive young cattle were just as keen to have their photo taken.  I love the way they have posed just like a wedding party with the bride and groom in the foreground!

These little white calves were so cute and curious...

I think this Freisland cow should be signed up by David Jones!

And he just looks as if he was born to pose for the camera - with that slightly supercilious and distant model look.

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  1. Your photographs make these beast look simple, sweet and gentle. I LOVE IT!


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